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trump-physical-sparks-girther-movement.jpg (80 KB, 1096x616, 1516554763683.jpgiqdb google reposts full
Is Donald Trump hoping foreign terrorists attack the United States?

That terrifying question is subtly embedded in a story this weekend reported by Michael Scherer, Josh Dawsey, and Sean Sullivan of the Washington Post on the Republican Party’s growing alarm about the upcoming 2018 midterms.

The story details GOP woes and Democratic hopes before pivoting to some more optimistic Republican voices, including a sensible point from Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX):

>“Who knows what 2018 will be like? Nobody called 2016, right?” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.), the second-ranking Republican in that chamber. “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was going to get elected and that Chuck Schumer was going to be the majority leader. And none of that turned out to be true.”

Trump, though, is thinking about a different, possibly crazy, comparison:

>In private conversations, Trump has told advisers that he doesn’t think the 2018 election has to be as bad as others are predicting. He has referenced the 2002 midterms, when George W. Bush and Republicans fared better after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, these people said.

I’m pretty skeptical that the political dynamics of September 2001 would be replicated today. But regardless, this is a frightening line of thought for an incumbent president and his team to be entertaining.

On the economy, conversely, pretty much everyone agrees that good economic news is better for Trump than bad news. And it’s probably not a coincidence that when it came time for Trump to fill the nation’s top economic policy job, he made a perfectly reasonable choice and picked Jerome Powell, whom even Janet Yellen’s biggest fans don’t have anything bad to say about. When presidents attempt to serve their political self-interest by generating good objective outcomes for the American people, democracy works for us all.
Reagan supplied them you nigger.
Plus his only target is North Korea, but Kim won't attack because Trump is better as a boogyman. If Trump is stupid enough to strike first, Trump will be responsible for the deaths of everyone in South Korea when the North's artillery strikes level everything in range including the capital.
Under normal circumstances; but a large majority of the GOP base is thoroughly convinced democrats want open borders and the brown ones are secret muslims.
The racist bloc already voted in 2016, so what you see is the limit of Republican support. If dems can surpase those numbers, they win even if Trump gets his entire base out.
There is also the fact we were cocky as fuck back then, even I must admit that even though I'm a staunch Dem, I won't happen this time though

images.jpg (10 KB, 300x168, 1516507604549.jpgiqdb google reposts full
TALLAHASSEE — The state could declare pornography a public health risk that needs education, research and policy changes to protect Floridians, according to a resolution overwhelmingly approved by a House committee Thursday.

The resolution is being sponsored by Republican Rep. Ross Spano, also a candidate for attorney general. He has previously passed legislation to help victims of human trafficking.

“Research has found a correlation between pornography use and mental and physical illnesses, difficulty forming and maintaining intimate relationships, unhealthy brain development and cognitive function, and deviant, problematic or dangerous sexual behavior,” he said before the House Health & Human Services Committee approved the resolution on an 18-1 vote.

The resolution spells out those risks and several others, including an increased demand for prostitution. It also says children are being exposed to pornography at a younger age because of advancements in technology.

To emphasize that point, he held up his smartphone, saying children have access to pornography 24 hours a day.

The resolution says, “a child who views pornography is at a higher risk of developing low self-esteem, an eating disorder, and a desire to engage in dangerous sexual behavior.”

A similar Senate resolution has yet to be heard in a committee.

The one “no” vote came from Republican Rep. Cary Pigman, a medical doctor. He said after the meeting that there are more important health issues the state should be focused on.

“We have problems with hypertension, with obesity, with diabetes, with Zika. We have a whole list of things that are important medically,” he said. “I’m not so sure that we need to spend legislative time annunciating a specific complaint when we have others that are far more pressing.”
Fake news about fake sex.

They can take my porn away when they pry it from my cold, dead hand.

No, my other hand.
it's strange and frightening to see alt right, SJW, and religious fundamentalists all in agreement on something.
>Muh donerz? That's the best you could come up with? Nice to know you don't actually understand anything.
Totally; there's a tsunami of historic precedent for this just in the last year. There are lots of folks who will side with corporatists as long as they promise social conservatism. It's why pro-life always gets lumped with pro-gun with climate change denial with removing the medical device tax with keeping marijuana a schedule 1 drug with repealing net neutrality. Large portions of the republican legislature find common ground on these seemingly disparate issues. Why does it happen? The one thing all of these things have in common; they all belong to some special interest lobbyists and voting blocs that have recognized they need to to ally and focus their their money and votes toward common representatives if they want a chance to have their platform enacted into policy.
Just to add, on the issue of marijuana, since there's some immediate profit to be made, as soon as distributors get their money into the game, they'll probably win some support against alcohol and pharma lobbyists.
>Fake news about fake sex.
in what sense is it fake?
this shit is actually happening because retarded geriatric voting bloc thinks porn is the reason we don't live in the good old days before the internet.

15092888433900.png (461 KB, 900x900, 1515458751454.pngiqdb google reposts full
A California man was arrested in connection with a prank call to police that led to a man's shooting death in Wichita, Kansas.

The incident is the latest example of swatting, in which a person makes a false report to draw large numbers of law enforcement or SWAT teams to a place or multiple locations.
Wichita Police responded to such a call of a hostage situation on Thursday when they shot a man in his home. Family members identified the victim as 28-year-old Andrew Thomas Finch, CNN affiliate KAKE reported.
Tyler Barriss was arrested in Los Angeles on Friday after the Wichita Police Department issued a fugitive warrant, Los Angeles Officer Mike Lopez said. Barriss, 25, could be in court as early as Tuesday.
Any pizza place could identify it as a prank

This is incompetence on the polices part and they should all be sentenced for man slaughter

Same with the dude who called it in except he should get murder 1 and the family should compensated as well

That's justice god damnit
>Americucks defending their police state always gets a kek from me, well it would if it wasn't so pathetic and spooky. Same for their defense of the rich who the police ultimately serve

Had me up until
>rich who they ultimately serve
Is this true? Post proof or a good argument
>this guy told me you were bad, so I came to your house and shot you when you walked out the door
>wtf what do you mean I'm in the wrong he tooooold meeeeeeeee!!!!!!

serial_killa.jpg (65 KB, 1085x711, 1516322685459.jpgiqdb google reposts full
Phoenix police say they have linked Cleophus E. Cooksey Jr., 35, to a series of at least nine killings

>Nov. 27 - Andrew Remillard and Parker Smith were shot to death outside a Speedy Cash on 16th Street and Indian School Road
>Dec. 2 - Salim Richards was found shot to death near 44th Avenue and Indian School Road
>Dec. 11 - Jesus Real was found shot to death near 4th Street and Harrison Drive
>Dec. 13 - LaTorrie Beckford was found shot to death outside a Glendale apartment complex near 55th Avenue and Camelback Road
>Dec. 15 - Kris Cameron was found shot to death in Glendale near 59th Avenue and Camelback Road
>Dec. 15 - Maria Griselda Villanueva was found sexually assaulted and shot to death in Phoenix after being reported missing from Glendale
>Dec. 17 - Rene Cooksey and Edward Nunn, Cooksey's mother and stepfather were shot to death in their home near 12th Street and Highland in Phoenix

3 women arrested for tampering and hindering the investigation into serial killings
Black guy shooting mostly blacks and Hispanics doesn't garner a lot of attention here anymore. Would need an AZ anon familiar with the neighborhoods he was killing in to fill some puzzle pieces. One was outside a speedy Cash so I'm guessing these were somewhat ghetto areas.
I guess it depends what your criteria is for mass shootings.
if you shoot 3 people before getting caught, and there was a gap between them, is that worse than shooting 3 people at the same time?
In that case, I would suggest looking at homicide incarceration rates, and the ethnicity of people who got convicted for 3 counts of murder.
>early all mass shootings in the US are done by white males
wrong snowflake.
I used to play dominoes with that guy!
Real Jesus
Jesus Real
the question is jesus real

1486472494058.jpg (33 KB, 960x640, 1516402913038.jpgiqdb google reposts full
There’s a ghost haunting Elizabeth Warren as she ramps up for a possible 2020 presidential bid and a reelection campaign in Massachusetts this year: her enduring and undocumented claims of Native American ancestry.

Warren says now, as she has from the first days of her public life, that she based her assertions on family lore, on her reasonable trust in what she was told about her ancestry as a child.

“I know who I am,” she said in a recent interview with the Globe.

But that self-awareness may not be enough, as her political ambitions blossom. She’s taken flak from the right for years as a “fake Indian,” including taunts from President Trump, who derisively calls her “Pocahontas.’’ That clamor from the right will only grow with her increasing prominence.

And, more telling, there’s also discomfort on the left and among some tribal leaders and activists that Warren has a political blind spot when it comes to the murkiness surrounding her story of her heritage, which blew up as an issue in her victorious 2012 Massachusetts Senate race. In recent months, Daily Show host Trevor Noahmockedher for claiming Native American ancestry and the liberal website ThinkProgress published a scathing criticism of her by a Cherokee activist who said she should apologize.

As Warren is mentioned as a serious presidential contender in 2020, even some who should be her natural allies say Warren has displayed a stubborn unwillingness to address the gap between the story she was told of Native Americans in the family tree and a dearth of hard evidence to back it up.

It’s a disconnect that has lingered unresolved in the public sphere for more than five years.

Warren says she grew up understanding that forebears in her mother’s family had Cherokee and Delaware blood.
>without consent
Why do people always repeat this lie? He clearly said they LET you do anything, LET. This implies consent. But I guess twisting facts to fit your world view is to be expected nowadays.
They could use your DNA to make a virus that turns you gay
Democrats appeal to emotion vs Logic.
My parents also mentioned supposed native ancestry(which is bullshit, though it actually upset me at the time since I thought of them as dog eaters) and it's apparently a quite common myth many people believe. My theory is that most people had some 80 IQ monkey woman as an ancestor in the 19th century or something, who had some alcoholic shithead father or prostitute mother, and they saw the shadow of they thought was one of them injuns and decided "oh, that must be my real father/mother, since the one i'm told of is just too horrible to be my parent!" and they told their kids that, who told their kids etc.
genetically tailored viruses, genetic-based culling, analysis of behavior patterns based on genetic markers, sale of genetic information to qualify or disqualify you from employment

you ever read science fiction my mang

MUELLER-HOUSE-INTEL-REPORT-009-01-800x416.jpg (37 KB, 800x416, 1516410791663.jpgiqdb google reposts full
battle erupted Friday over a push by Republican lawmakers to release a report they say will reveal high-level government abuse around the federal investigation into possible ties between Trump campaign officials and Russia.

Even as Congress hurtled toward a shutdown, Republicans in the House were buzzing over the contents of a classified memo on alleged surveillance abuses that was produced by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.).

Scores of Republicans viewed the controversial memo in secure settings at the Capitol and concluded it contains hard evidence that the special counsel investigation into whether Trump’s campaign officials had improper contacts with Russia were sparked by the politically motivated actions of senior FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) officials.

GOP lawmakers described the document as the catalyst that would unravel what they view as a vast conspiracy to undermine President Trump.

“It’s alarming. … You all need to see it,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). “More importantly, the American public needs to see it. What the FBI did is just as wrong as it can be.”

Some Republicans speculated that the memo could provoke criminal prosecutions, or at the very least, that it would lead to the firings of those involved.

“They need to be held accountable,” said Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.)...
>The Mueller investigation has been declared killed by Trumpists about thirty times now.
In the same way that anti-Trumpists have claimed some new scandal would kill his candidacy/presidency some ridiculous number of times.
It's retards all the way down.
Separation of duties anon. Trump could have multiple houses in moscow that he reported on his IRS tax bill and they wouldn't raise a red flag so long as any due taxes are accounted for.

The only thing the IRS is positioned to do is collect the money owed them and hound anyone who tries to evade them. OPM and the background checkers are the ones who would be chasing down commies.
>Multiple guilty pleds by Trump people on their connections with Russia.
>Bannon straight up saying what Donald Jr did was treason.
>Endless lying and backtracking on Russia connections.
But no Russians!
It only doesn't kill Trump because Republicans are morally bankrupt hypocrites. If Hillary did half the things Trump did like conspire with the Russians to rig the election, she'd be executed for treason by now. Let alone what the religious right would say if Obama had an affair with a porn star or defended nazis and a child molester.
'People will go to jail over this'
Yeah, Republicans for obstructing justice.

Just a month ago the left and their allies were all happy-dance over a CNN generic ballot poll that showed the Democrats kicking ass in 2018:

>Democrats are leading by 18 points on a generic 2018 midterm ballot, according to new survey data from CNN.

>According to the poll, 56 percent of respondents said they are most likely to vote Democrat in the midterm elections, while just 38 percent said they were likely to vote Republican.

>The numbers are dramatically different than last midterm election, when Democrats still controlled the White House. When the same question was asked in November 2013, 47 percent said they’d vote Democrat, while 49 percent said Republican.

Now a new one is out and those folks are no longer celebrating:

>As the midterm election year begins, a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS finds the Democratic advantage on a generic congressional ballot has tightened to a narrow 5 points among registered voters, but those voters who say they are most enthusiastic about turning out to vote this fall favor Democrats by a wide 15-point margin.

>The new poll’s 49% Democrat to 44% Republican margin among registered voters is almost identical to Democrats’ standing in January of 2006, the last midterm election year in which they made significant gains in the House of Representatives.

Considering tax reform has exceeded expectations I bet the democrats don't gain back control of the house. Lets not forget the schumer shutdown.
>Proudly wanting to be a slave again.
The thinking of a Trump sheep.
You liberals need to realize that human nature cannot be changed. No matter how much you try to socially engineer us, you'll always fail because nature is infinitely more powerful than your language policing or tolerance quotas. In the end, it is the nature of gifted humans to rule over their lessers. Despite all your lies and pretty words, if you look around, you'd realize that most people are slaves anyways, and happy to be slaves. All you do by trying to change nature is make the world a shittier place. Conservatives see the truth of the world. Liberals try to deceive themselves with lies of a so called better tomorrow which only makes today worse.
What you want is tyranny. Which goes against democracy and everything America stands for. And you wonder why your lot is branded as traitors.
Who is us, faggot.
>When Obama was in charge, it was the president's fault since a Democrat was in the white house
>Now that Republicans control every branch of government, it's the Democrats fault because it's always their fault

The creator of the winning costume for BlizzCon 2016's cosplay contest and popular community member Mike Biasi has passed away following a stroke on January 8th and resulting complications while in ICU. Richard Biasi announced the news via a GoFundMe page late on January 15.

The GoFundMe page was organised by Mike Biasi's sister-in-law after the initial stroke to help with medical expenses. The campaign has since changed, with all funds from the campaign going to Mike's son to help cover expenses.

Mike Biasi was famous in the World of Warcraft for his 2016 cosplay design, worn by his friend Steven Scott. , and fellow community member Little Sparkz has tweeted to say how important he was both to her and the community as a whole.

The World of Warcraft community are looking into public online memorial services, as have been held for other community members that have passed away.
That """gayming news""" shit belongs on >>>/v/
RIP in peace
>be fatass
>have a stroke
ohhhh nooo, that sucks
have some respect smh
Death comes to all of us, atleast he enjoyed what time he had, only thing one could ask for.

For those who want to have a dig or take the piss, remember, you will also die someday.

The new test, which is sensitive to both mutated DNA that floats freely in the blood and cancer-related proteins, gave a positive result approximately 70% of the time across eight of the most common cancers when tested in more than 1,000 patients.

>It works by detecting free-floating mutated DNA, released into the bloodstream by dying cancer cells. The test screened for the presence of errors in 16 genes that are frequently mutated in different kinds of cancer. The blood of patients was also tested for eight known protein biomarkers which are seen to differing degrees depending on where in the body a tumour is located.

>In blood samples from 1,005 patients, the test detected between 33% and 98% of cases of disease. Ovarian cancer was the easiest to detect, followed by liver, stomach, pancreas, oesophageal, colorectal, lung and breast cancers.

>For the five cancers that currently have no screening tests – ovarian, liver, stomach, pancreatic and oesophageal cancers – sensitivity ranged from 69% to 98%.

>When the test was assessed on 812 healthy control subjects, it produced only seven false-positive results. “Very high specificity was essential because false-positive results can subject patients to unnecessary invasive follow-up tests and procedures to confirm the presence of cancer,” said Kenneth Kinzler, professor of oncology at Johns Hopkins and a co-author of the paper.
>Ovarian cancer was the easiest to detect, followed by liver, stomach, pancreas, oesophageal, colorectal, lung and breast cancers.
Good for the world.
Thank God the Republicans are supporting Obamacare so that everyone can get this life saving test. Oh, wait ...

1436734343734.jpg (64 KB, 650x366, 1516510464261.jpgiqdb google reposts full
Around 200 Palestinians demonstrates in Malmö, Sweden and calls for the "Muhammedan Army" and issues such threats as "Shoot The Jews"

This is allowed to continue without any police interference or any repercussions

Swedish articles
>without any police interference or any repercussions
You want them to shut it down?
Really OP, is that what your trying to say?
I think he's just saying it's about time for a good ole ethnic cleansing.
But....but....t they are the religion of peace...
This is going to get worse before it gets better, right?
jews aka pagans aka christians

read up

Pro-abortionists have historically used science as a tool to argue that babies can be aborted because they are merely clumps of cells up until 28 weeks of pregnancy, but advancements in science are changing how abortion advocates and pro-lifers argue their cause.

Published in the Atlantic, Emma Green’s Thursday article, “Science Is Giving the Pro-Life Movement a Boost,” describes how advances in science are changing people’s conceptions of morality as it relates to aborting unborn children. New technology and higher tech ultrasounds allow women to watch as their baby grows inside them, providing concrete images for what could previously only be described in the abstract.

New science is “instilling a sense of awe that we never really had before at any point in human history,” pro-life activist Ashley McGuire said to the Atlantic. “We didn’t know any of this,” she added.

“The more I advanced in my field of neonatology, the more it just became the logical choice to recognize the developing fetus for what it is: a fetus, instead of some sort of sub-human form,” neonatologist, Colleen Malloy, also told the Atlantic. “It just became so obvious that these were just developing humans.”
Who even seriously uses the "clump of cells" argument these days though? All modern pro-choice arguments I see are focused on women's bodily autonomy. Meanwhile I can drive down the road in my town and see billboards with smiling babies on them and text bubbles saying "my heart is beating at 19 days." The same emotional appeals pro-lifers have been using for decades.

wait until Nigger Communists complain about the source as opposed to accepting the truth.
Why complain anymore? You’ll just keep posting shit sources.
I think the suggestion is a clump of cells is the only thing we have in common with fetuses. What makes an individual worthy of protection is:
1.) it can suffer
2.) it is sentient enough to have had desires for its future (thus murdering an anesthetized person is still murder)
3.) it has dependents who will suffer if it is damaged.

If science can prove any one of these three things about a fetus, then it would be reasonable to correspondingly recognize some rights for the fetus.

Then again, all of these arguments seem arbitrary as fuck. There are lots of animals, chimpanzees, pigs, dogs, &c. that are all very sentient and capable of suffering and might have offspring of their own but we don't think twice about butchering them in the most economical way possible or using them for painful research (although the standards for research animals tend to be a bit higher than livestock).

I guess that doesn't excuse not giving some rights to a fetus if it is sentient and can suffer. But it's still arbitrary to treat them legally as for all purposes a whole human when we're happy to recognize nuance in the rights we recognize for non-human animals.

The fact is that Christians demand an objective, essentialist worldview when it comes to crafting public policy, and that just isn't as effective. We don't live in a world of bright red lines, almost every matter, especially the distinction between life and non-life, human and non-human, is complex and nuanced. To some extent, the more rights we impart to fetuses, the more freedom we rob of their mothers. Deciding what should be a right is always a balancing act, we live in a world with finite space and resources, we can't invest resources toward protecting any one group of people too much or we risk too much loss of freedom for other groups or for future generations.

On Friday evening, Senate Democrats, including Schumer and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), along with well as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), voted against a spending bill to prevent a government shutdown because it did not include amnesty for at least 3.5 million illegal aliens and their illegal alien parents
Because it also killed Obamacare's funding. And if Rethuglicans were serious about protecting children, they wouldn't have let CHIP expire in September, and use sick children as a hostage to get what they want.
Thanks for proving his point Drumpfkin.
Does anyone know what is actually shut down? My lights still work. My toilet flushes. Russians aren't parachuting in. What has changed?
I read it was a continuing resolution that kept current budget proposals.
It was in the house version of the CR to get the 'freedom' caucus' support that they passes and punted to the Senate before Republicans killed it (Remember, 4 republicans voted against the CR so majority vote a shit.)
Republicans banked on democrats surrendering because they held CHIP hostage. They seriously didn't expect the Dems to say 'Fine, shoot your hotsage' and started the Trump shutdown.

1495147334829.jpg (205 KB, 962x1366, 1516480065170.jpgiqdb google reposts full
The people of housing estate in County Durham have a niche way of dealing with their rat infestation problem.

One local is single-handedly putting an end to the community's problem, by hunting all the rats herself.

Tara, the pet terrier, and her owner Adrian Oliver are on a mission to rid a housing estate in Durham of its long-running rodent problem which has left parents fearing for their children's safety.

Cute Tara, who looks like a teddy, has snared over 600 rodents in the past year, and once managed to kill 42 in one day.

Adrian, 33, has slammed Durham County Council and says they should sort the problem out on the housing estate, near Gilesgate, on the edge of the city, and it shouldn't be left to his pet.
The dad-of-two said: 'I am scared of letting my little girl play outside because I am so worried that a rat will come and jump on her.

'They are everywhere, in bins, cars, sheds and they even burrow underneath people's houses and chew through the foundations.

'If it wasn't for Tara they would literally be breeding like rats. We would be overrun with them, they'd start to infect people and cause illness.

'This could be avoided if the council actually stepped in.'

The pair work as a team, Adrian uses a machine to smoke rats out of their hiding places, and then Tara pounces.

He said that in the past the council charged locals £40 for rat poison to be spread in the area, but this technique failed as the rats have now become immune to the toxin.

He says that the council should now be paying him and Tara for their exterminating services, or else the rat population would be rife.

He added: 'It is disgusting. It is a really really bad problem in this area now and has been for the last few years.
>Borrowing from Middle French, from Old French chien terrier (“terrier dog"or literally "earth dog”) from chien (“dog”) + Old French terrier (from Medieval Latin terrarius (“of earth”) from Latin terra (“earth”)).
My life is a lie...
You're correct on their purpose if that can make you feel better.
> gibs me dindus
I'm sorry. I don't speak asshole. Could you translate?
He is saying they will give the new rat free homes to immigrants refugees and or black people.

1507480568972.jpg (298 KB, 751x465, 1516248144174.jpgiqdb google reposts full
A man has been arrested for allegedly having sex with three cows. One of the cows, owned by a milkman in Vadodara, a city in northern India, was found dead the next day.

The man is accused of having sex with the animals at some point between Sunday night and Monday morning by their owner Lalji Rabari. According to the Times of India, Rabari made a complaint to officers at Varnama police station that one of his workers, named only Rathodiya, was suspected of ‘having unnatural sex, committing mischief by killing and injuring cattle and outraging religious feeling’. Police said that when Rabari came to the cow shed on Monday morning, he found the legs of three of his cows tied together with rope. One of the animals was lying on the floor, dead. When Rabari probed further, he suspected somebody might have had intercourse with the cows.

He pointed the finger at labourer Rathodiya, because he claims he had indulged in a similar act with a calf two years ago. Rabari took the man to the police station to hand him in, the newspaper reported. When police asked him if he had committed the act, Rathodiya admitted the extreme act of beastiality. An investigating officer said the labourer told them that his brother and two other people were also present at the time, but his claims have since been dismissed by officers. It is understood he was suffering from mental health problems. ‘When we talked to the villagers, they told us that Rathodiya has psychological problems and he even blabbers when he is alone,’ an official told the paper.
I wish the Metro wouldn't indulge your fetish.
lucky if the hindus don't lynch him for molestng there god.
Deophilia is legal in some US states.
You can't milk sacred cows or own them, either. It was kept in a barn, it's not the ones they care about.
Shoulda stuck to natural sex with cows.
Cows aren't gods. Just sacred.

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